Cyber Security

Know what is currently trending in cyber security. Being well prepared for a potential data breach requires relevant knowledge. It is a legal requirement to ensure that employee and customer data is secure.

Government contractors are under heavy pressure by the authorities as they need to prevent data leaks which an adversary nation could use to hurt your nation. Loosing government contracts due to a lack of cyber security can cost billions.

Be a responsible leader and make sure your staff is aware of the dangers and fully understands how to best behave in the event of a cyber incident.

Environmental protection goes beyond ESG

Why is Green cyber security so important?

At first you might ask, what is actually the difference between green cyber security and cyber security. The “green” in this IT security strategy tryies to not only make an organizational environment safer for users but also reduces the negative impact of the cyber technology on the environment. When we look at the EU taxonomy …

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Cyber Security is important

How do I train my employees for cyber security?

Companies of all sizes process data in order to conduct their daily business activities. The government expects all market participants to do their part to protect its citizens, economy and national interests. No 10 Downing stereet has recently made clear what it expects from business leaders of all ranks. Cyber security and data privacy must …

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