About Us

Our Academy was founded in 2022 as educational service for our corporate and government clients. Since 2010 ACATO develops innovative security technologies. International Clients rely on ACATO's expertise to solve a technical crisis.

It is not about what we can learn but what we can share. Our experience should not be hidden in the dark.
Expertise does not come from exams.

True expertise is passion!

Christian Bartsch


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  • Our Vision

    We want to provide relevant education so that technology helps create a better world.

    Without education available to people, innovative technology can not help improve life in this troubled world. In order to achieve our vision, education must be relevant for the workplace and today's challenges. This will eventually allow an innovative ecosystem to solve the many problems of our world.

  • Our Mission

    We are technology Experts who are going to educate people so that they can contribute to developing, defending and managing innovative technology.

    We are committed to delivering innovative trainings in multiple languages. We are not a training company but an ecosystem that grows with the people we help to grow. 

    This is what drives us to accomplish our mission:

  • Desire to change people's lives

  • Passion for sharing knowledge

  • The education system is broken

  • The need to create a better world

  • The belief in sustainability

  • Well trained experts make a real difference

Industry & Science Experts

Meet The Instructors & Core Founding Team

Christian Bartsch

Certified Forensics Expert & CEO

Dr. Deniz Altun

Prof. & Instructor AI/VR/NN

Neylan Zümrüt

Recruiting & HR Leadership Advisor

Eren Ünlü

Security & Virtualisation Expert


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